Help using your mypension account

mypension FAQs

Will the merger affect my mypension online account?

Yes.  If you have accounts with both the former Northumberland County Council Pension Fund and the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund you will be able to access both of these from your Tyne and Wear account once the merger is complete. 

I only have one account and it was with the former Northumberland County Council Pension Fund.

You will still be able to log in using your existing login details. 

Who can register to access mypension?

mypension is only available for Active, Deferred and Pensioner members of the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund.

I do not have a login / username or password

If you do not have a login / username or password, you will need to register to be able to use mypension using the 'Sign In' link on the navigation bar, click on 'Register' and follow the step by step process. See How to register.

I have forgotten my login / username

Your login/username was provided in your initial registration.

I have a problem with or have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, please use the 'Forgotten your Login Details?' option on the Home or Sign In screen. Your password will be changed and your new one will be sent to you, using the email address you registered with. Your password must have at least 8 characters and must contain a combination of the following - lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers.

My login / username or password is not accepted

Try typing your login / username and password again. Make sure you do not have CAPS Lock on, unless you need it for your password. If you enter incorrect details three times, your account will become locked. If this happens please use the 'Forgotten your Login Details?' option on the login page.

I have forgotten my security answer

With regard to the answer to your security question, this is extremely case sensitive and will need to be input exactly as it was originally entered. If you have forgotten your security answer you can reset both the answer and the question by using the 'Forgotten your Login Details?' option on the Home or Sign In page.

Why am I asked to log in again when I have already logged in?

You will be asked to log in again if your web browser was inactive for a period of 30 minutes. This is a safety precaution we have put in place to help prevent unauthorised access to your account and to ensure that the system remains secure.

Where do I get my pay figures from? (Active Members Only)

You should find your pre 2014 final pay and your career average (projected pensionable pay) on your Annual Benefit Statement. You can also find more recent pay figures submitted by your employer on your pensionable earnings view. See Estimate Guide for Active Members.

I can't view my documents

Some of our documents require a PDF viewer.  If your device does not have a PDF reader installed you can download a free version from Adobe

Will the system automatically log me out?

Your session will time out if left unattended for more than 30 minutes. To sign out correctly, click on your name at the top right hand corner of your screen. The Log Off option will appear below. See How to Log Out.

Does mypension use 'cookies'?

We use cookies (small files stored on your computer) on this site to help improve our service and give a better experience to you. Full details of the cookies we use can be found at the following link Cookies information.

Can I use any device to access mypension?

You can use many devices which are capable of connecting to the Internet to access your mypension service. If you encounter problems when registering, you may find it easier to complete your registration on a PC or laptop.