Help using your mypension account

How to register

The registration process

  • Visit our mypension home page 
  • Select 'Register' on the Home screen.
  • In order to proceed you must select 'Yes' to accept the Terms and Conditions and 'Yes' to accept cookies, then select 'Submit'.
  • Complete the mandatory fields (indicated with an asterisk) and select 'Submit'. You will need a valid email address and a contact telephone number.
  • Select a security question from the drop down menu, then enter your answer. This answer is case sensitive so make a mental note of which characters are upper case and which are lower case.
  • Select a Password. This must be between 9 and 20 characters long, contain at least 1 number, lower and upper case letters but NOT special characters (e.g. £). Your password will be case sensitive.
  • Select 'Submit' once all fields on this screen are complete.

If registered successfully, a message will be displayed and an 'Activation Code' will be sent to the email address used to register. Select 'Done' on this screen.

Activating your account

Once you have received your 'Activation Code' by email return to the login page and select 'sign in'.

  • Enter your Username and Password and select 'Sign in'.
  • Enter your security answer and select 'Sign in'.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your 'Activation Code'. Enter the code and select 'Submit'.
  • If registered correctly, select 'Done'.
  • You will then need to re-enter your username and password and answer your security question to access your pension records online.