Data map - Pensioner members

See below to see the order of the flow of a pensioner member's data.

  1. If you are a:
    • active member: We are notified by your employer of your retirement, who provide all required data
    • previous member: We will write to you in advance of your normal pension age
  2. We will issue retirement option forms to you
  3. Your pension benefits will be processed and put into payment. You will become a pensioner member
  4. Your information may be shared with third parties in line with our Privacy Notice
  5. You are responsible for keeping the Fund up to date with any changes in your personal details
  6. It may be necessary for us to undertake a tracing exercise if your personal details are inaccurate
  7. We may undertake existence checks to confirm that your pension benefits remain payable
  8. We will be notified of your death
  9. We may need to contact your beneficiaries in relation to your LGPS benefits
  10. We will retain your data for so long as is required to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations