Scheme booklets and forms

Members currently contributing to the LGPS

These Scheme booklets are relevant to our members who are currently paying into the LGPS.

Guide to LGPS (PDF) [1MB]  - A guide to LGPS

Transferring pension rights into the LGPS (PDF) [226KB]  - Details of the procedure and time limits to transfer previous pension rights into the Scheme

Contribution flexibility - Options to increase or decrease pension contributions

Leave of absence and the LGPS (PDF) [60KB]  - Details of how your LGPS benefits can be affected by a leave of absence

Pensions and divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership - Information on how divorce or dissolution can affect your LGPS benefits

Death Grant Nomination form and booklet - Information about the LGPS death grant and how to make a nomination - The Death Grant Nomination form to be completed is included

Life cover - Protection for your family - Information on life cover benefits available to LGPS members

Your Pension - An explanation of how your benefits are calculated and when they can be paid

Tax controls and your LGPS benefits (PDF) [333KB]  - An explanation of how HMRC tax rules can affect your LGPS benefits

Members retirement planning guide - A guide to retirement