Planning to retire early

If you are leaving your employment voluntarily at age 55 or over, your LGPS benefits can be paid at a reduced rate from the day after you leave your employment. Once we receive notification from your employer that you have left we will contact you with your options.

To find out more about how we process your benefits into payment, see preparing for retirement.

Please note: The pension changes in April 2015 relating to a member accessing their 'pension pot' once the age of 55 is reached, are for Defined Contribution Pension Schemes only. The Local Government Pension Scheme, as a Defined Benefit Scheme, is not included in these changes.

Warning: As your benefits may be reduced we suggest that all members obtain an estimate of benefits before submitting their notice of leaving to their employer. You can run your own estimate using the mypension online service. You will need to register to be able to use the mypension online service.

If you are a deferred member and wish to access your benefits at age 55 or over, see elect to receive benefits.