Late retirement - working beyond Normal Pension Age

If you decide to carry on working after your Normal Pension Age (NPA) you will continue to pay into the Scheme and build up further benefits. You can receive your pension when you retire or choose to defer payment until at the latest, the eve of your 75th birthday. 

If you work beyond your Normal Pension Age your pension will be paid at a slightly increased rate. The pension and any tax free lump sum will be increased by a small factor for each day after your Normal Pension Age but before your actual retirement date. 

Please note the factors used for this calculation are supplied by the Government Actuaries Department (GAD) and are subject to change.

If you are considering retiring after your Normal Pension Age (NPA) you can run an estimate through your mypension account. To register for a mypension account, see Help using your mypension account.

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