Survivor's Pensions

Active members

A survivor's pension can only arise from the death of a contributing member.

Married or civil partners - In most cases, it will be paid when a contributing member dies and was married or had registered a civil partnership. The amount paid will depend on the circumstances of the individual member and the date of the marriage or civil partnership.

Cohabiting partners - If you have a cohabiting partner and have not married or registered a civil partnership, a surviving partner may not automatically receive a survivor's pension when you die. The rules on cohabiting partner's pensions vary depending on when you paid into the Scheme.

Eligible Children - There may be a pension payable to your surviving children if they are aged under 23 and in full-time education or have an impairment which, in the opinion of an Independent Registered Medical Practitioner (IRMP), is likely to be permanent and the person was dependent on you at the date of your death because of that physical or mental impairment.

Further information is available on the LGPS national member website

At the time of your death we would check your circumstances to determine if any survivor's pension would be payable.